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Relationship Counselling by HealtheMinds
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Why Counselling?

There are times when you are faced with situations that are too overwhelming to overcome; or times when despite your best efforts the problem doesn’t seem to go away. In such situations, talking to a skilled and qualified counsellor helps you to gain insight about the problem and to cope with it. It gives you the opportunity to deal with the situation in a constructive manner, and learn skills from a professional trained in handling such concerns.

Counselling will help if

You are feeling stuck

Your relationship/marriage feel more like a chore lately

You find yourself arguing with your partner about the same things again and again

You feel distant from your partner

You are having trouble connecting with your partner physically or emotionally

You are feeling overwhelmed with the changes in your relationship

Why speak to a professional?

Gain insight from an expert with extensive experience

Discover practical solutions to your unique situation

Get an unbiased, non-judgmental perspective

Understand yourself and your emotions

Session Takeaways

Build a closer bond with your partner

Rediscover the strengths of your relationship

Understand and re-examine your communication styles

Identify conflict areas and build healthy conflict-resolution skills

Set realistic goals for beginning the process of positive change

Benefits of HealthEminds online therapy

Video Counselling

Similar to face-to-face sessions but, with complete anonymity. Clients do not have to reveal their true identity in order to seek the help of our services.


Our healthcare professionals all follow ethical codes and practices pertaining to video-based online mental health services and we also follow the HIPAA policies to provide a highly secure environment.


No travel involved. Be in the comfort of your own environment/surroundings. Book a session that fits into your schedule

About Us

HealthEminds is a pioneering company that provides online counselling programs for depression, anxiety, stress, relationships, etc. HealthEminds professionals are committed to improving each client’s mental and physical well-being and to promote mental fitness. If you are looking to improve your emotional health, contact us and talk to one of our experts in the field. Our panel includes renowned psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, life coaches and nutritionists. At HealthEminds we understand that your life can be hectic - juggling work, home and relationships. We therefore allow you to talk to our Panelists from the comfort of your home, through an innovative, easy-to-use, and completely secure platform. Contact us to learn more!

Our Team

The HealthEminds Team is made up of passionate, qualified and experienced professionals from the fields of mental and emotional well-being. Our experts hold client confidentiality in the highest regard and are trained in helping people overcome challenges in a compassionate and affirmative manner.


"I took up counselling a year after discovering my wife’s infidelity. I was absolutely devastated on finding out her indiscretions. My therapist made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. I could talk about anything and everything to her."


"She explained to me the different emotions I was going through and also the methods that she was using to help me. After counselling, my self-confidence and self-esteem is much better than ever before. Thanks for being a wonderful counsellor."


"I have gained exceptional insight about myself,understood my thinking and behavior patterns much better and also realised my mistakes!"


Talk to Us & Rediscover your life